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Improving Qualification

Salespeople are by nature competitive, which is great – who would want to hire a salesperson who wasn’t motivated by winning a deal? However this competitive nature can have a downside - particularly where your salespeople are also involved in prospecting, leads, and even not very good leads, can become really exciting. One salesperson I…
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Reduce Your Team’s Sales Admin

As a Sales Manager or Sales Director, you will have come across the same issue: really good salespeople are a rare, valuable, and expensive commodity. No doubt a significant amount of your time over the years has been spent trying to hire new recruits to provide the required capacity to meet and exceed your targets.…
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Building Value with Mobile Technology

I’ve been in the IT industry for over twenty years and have spent time on every rung of the sales ladder – from Sales Support right through to Sales Director – selling a range of high value solutions. For the last several years I’ve been the CEO of a mobile technology company and have seen…
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