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Realising ROI on Mobile Solutions

If you manage a company, department or team with field-based personnel, you’ve no doubt considered how mobile technology might be employed to benefit your business. However if you’ve been involved in more than a few software implementations, you’ll also realise that the ROI envisaged at the outset isn’t always realised. Why is this? Why Does…
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Mobile Solutions – Buy or Build?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told over the years: “We’re not interested in your software as our corporate policy is to develop in-house.” To which my response has always been: “??!!@*!”. To date I’ve always managed to stop myself from actually saying it. You don’t build your own laptops, kettles,…
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Improving Qualification

Salespeople are by nature competitive, which is great – who would want to hire a salesperson who wasn’t motivated by winning a deal? However this competitive nature can have a downside - particularly where your salespeople are also involved in prospecting, leads, and even not very good leads, can become really exciting. One salesperson I…
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Reduce Your Team’s Sales Admin

As a Sales Manager or Sales Director, you will have come across the same issue: really good salespeople are a rare, valuable, and expensive commodity. No doubt a significant amount of your time over the years has been spent trying to hire new recruits to provide the required capacity to meet and exceed your targets.…
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