Realising ROI on Mobile Solutions

If you manage a company, department or team with field-based personnel, you’ve no doubt considered how mobile technology might be employed to benefit your business. However if you’ve been involved in more than a few software implementations, you’ll also realise … READ MORE

Mobile Solutions – Buy or Build?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told over the years: “We’re not interested in your software as our corporate policy is to develop in-house.” To which my response has always been: “??!!@*!”. To date I’ve always managed … READ MORE

Improving Qualification

Salespeople are by nature competitive, which is great – who would want to hire a salesperson who wasn’t motivated by winning a deal? However this competitive nature can have a downside - particularly where your salespeople are also involved in … READ MORE

EQ Software Solutions is a specialist integrator of mobile solutions for companies with field-based personnel.

Back in the early days of the smartphone and tablet, if a company needed a business solution to run on its mobile devices they had two choices: develop a bespoke app, or compromise on a web-based (connected only) solution. Since then companies have developed a range of Enterprise Mobile Solutions (EMS) - apps and integrated cloud-based services which can be configured to meet the needs of different organizations for particular kinds of mobile workers.

At EQSS we partner with the world’s most innovative and exceptional EMS developers. Our remit is to deliver tailored solutions which meet the requirements of our customers' mobile workers, without the substantial price-tag or lead-time of bespoke development.

Our Solutions Include:


Barking for Service

Retriever's Barking for Service is a field force mobile application that delivers industry-leading, field service application technology to organizations in the maintenance and repair industry.

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Formworks is an award-winning, secure and configurable forms platform that boosts mobile workforce productivity and cuts data processing time in half.

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LiiD is a mobile solution which automatically logs calls and emails to CRM, improving the quality of data capture and freeing salespeople’s time to spend with customers.

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iPresent is an award-winning Sales Enablement platform that gives salespeople access to their organization’s rich marketing collateral via a stunning, branded tablet interface.

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